Why I Have to Write About Gun Control

I couldn’t say it any better.


It has been a bizarre week in Kansas.   First has been the trial of the man who killed two people at the Jewish Community Campus and one at Village Shalom in April 2014. I know his name, but it is not worth saying. He wants the publicity. He is a sick demented man who was able to get guns and act out on his baseless hatred.

Second it is the anniversary of the killing of five innocent people in a quiet cul de sac. I knew one of them. I saw her brother and sister in law when they came to our synagogue to say Kaddish for her yahrzeit two weeks ago. Her death was shocking, happening just five months after the JCC shootings. I think the entire Kansas City metro was in shock after these two mass killing events.

Finally, it is something her nephew posted. Saying that his…

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4 thoughts on “Why I Have to Write About Gun Control

  1. I don’t belive this discussion is appropriate for this blog. I only point out how the crime rate has dropped precipitously since the new police chief has fostered the citizens of Detroit to arm them selves, no more gun free zones!


    • I agree that this isn’t the best place for you and I to discuss this. I was reposting a blog written by someone else with whom I agree completely. I am not going to change my opinion. So we will have to respect the fact that we just disagree.


  2. This is your blog Amy and for the very reason we live in this country you have the right to voice your opinion on whatever you choose to speak on. I live in the Kansas City Metro area and have watched all of this play out on TV and it truly sickens me. Innocent people were killed for no reason by people who had little regard for anyone’s life. It is happening daily now not just once in awhile, reporters killed, policeman gunned down, church members killed and all with people who had guns in their hands to commit the crime. Yes we need gun control in the worse way and I thought after a classroom full of first grade students and teachers were killed that would indeed be the time to get this under control but as we see clearly it has not happened. What more does our nation need to see before we finally say enough is enough! Post or repost whatever you like this follower supports you.


    • Thank you. I agree completely. My daughter has been deeply involved in the anti-gun violence movement since Newtown, and she has taught me a great deal. No one and no statistic will change my views. Thanks for your support.


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