Come see me!


Next Tuesday I will be giving a presentation at the Springfield JCC about my genealogy research and about my novel, Pacific Street. I will be talking about why I started researching my family’s history, providing some tips and suggestions for others who might want to do the same, describing two of the mysteries I solved through genealogy research, and talking about why I decided to write a novel about my grandparents’ lives.

If you live near Springfield, Massachusetts, I hope you will consider coming.  The presentation is free, and there will be refreshments provided. The program begins at 7 pm and will be over by 8 pm. Please join me if you can. I would love to see any and all of my blog readers and cousins!


25 thoughts on “Come see me!

  1. That is an exciting time for you. We have a lot of authors that come to our libraries and are happy to be speaking to the children at the school. Enjoy!!! Joann (Philadelphia – somewhat too far!)

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