Cohen Family Trees

Below you will find links to PDF files for the family trees of the descendants of Hart Levy Cohen and Rachel Jacobs.  The first three are overall trees for Hart Levy Cohen and the one for each of the two sons who had children, Jacob and Moses,  and their descendants.  These files are rather large (the one for Hart Levy Cohen is 20 pages), so I have made individual trees for the children of Moses Cohen and the children of Jacob Cohen, arranged alphabetically.  I also included smaller trees for Hart Levy, Jacob and Moses going to just two generations so that you can see their children more clearly.

Thus, for example, if you were interested in seeing all the descendants of Hart Levy Cohen’s line through his grandson Emanuel Cohen, you would need to look first at the Hart Levy Cohen tree, then the Jacob Cohen tree, and then the Emanuel tree.

I have not included any living descendants on these trees to protect the privacy of those individuals.  If any family member would like a more complete tree, please contact me, and I will send one to you.



Descendant Chart for Hart Levy Cohen four generations

Descendant Chart for Jacob Cohen three generations

Descendant Chart for Moses Cohen 3 generations



Descendant Chart for Abraham Cohen

Descendant Chart for Augusta Cohen

Descendant Chart for Elizabeth Cohen

Descendant Chart for Emanuel Cohen

Descendant Chart for Frances Cohen

Descendant Chart for Hannah Cohen

Descendant Chart for Hart Cohen Philadelphia Jacob son

Descendant Chart for Hart DC Cohen

Descendant Chart for Hart Levy Cohen

Descendant Chart for Isaac Cohen

Descendant Chart for Jacob Cohen

Descendant Chart for Jacob M. Cohen

Descendant Chart for Jonas Cohen

Descendant Chart for Joseph Cohen

Descendant Chart for Lewis Cohen

Descendant Chart for Maria Cohen

Descendant Chart for Moses Cohen Jr

Descendant Chart for Moses Cohen

Descendant Chart for Myer Cohen Sr.

Descendant Chart for Rachael Cohen

Descendant Chart for Rachel Cohen Selinger

Descendant Chart for Reuben Cohen Sr

6 thoughts on “Cohen Family Trees

  1. I am so glad to finally find my great great aunt Emilie Wiley Brown Cohen/ I have a huge suitcase filled with family pictures of her and her daughters, my great great grand parents James P Wiley and Mary Louisa, and my great grandmother Mary Louisa Wiley Melloy, and my beloved grandmother Ethel Melloy Dinlocker. Arthur L. Cohen is mentioned only twice in records, including his death, but no information was ever given or passed on. He is in the family Wiley bible. I am now looking for John Franklin Wiley and his son also John Wiley! I think John Franklin is buried in Arlington Cemetery, and maybe his wife. There are also 2 wiley sons who died age 3 and 4 who died of diphtheria. Two family cemeteries in Philadelphia were moved, one to Lawnview from Odd Fellows, and the other cemetery was moved to one on Philmont ave. outside of Huntingdon Valley. I would love to hear from James who spoke of his family.

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      • Amy- I never heard anything from my cousin Jim recently. I Just have the chart! I am taking pictures of all the family graves of the Wiley family. I am still looking for
        John K. wiley, Emily Wiley Brown Cohen’s brother. Also, no records yet of John Jr. I have a suitcase of pictures of the Wileys. I did find out John K. wiley was on the board of the city of Philadelphia, a commisioner, as was his uncle Peter Wiley! I also found out from the 1850 census that my GG grandmother lived in ward 5 Philadelphia with her family in Northern Liberties. Her father was a merchant, as was her grandfather John coates Bane. Trying to find where everyone is buried. I am making progress, but stuck finding young toddlers who died of childhood diseases and two Wileys above. several of the family plots in cemeteries were moved! Finding them is challenging! I enjoy reading about all your family that you have researched.

        How do I contact James Cohen?I have pictures of all the Wiley grave sites and pictures of Emily Wiley Brown Cohen and her Wiley family. Emily’s mother and sister did wonderful embroidery work which I have and can take pictures of.

        Happy Spring!

        Patricia D Kuhn

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  2. Amy… I am a descendant of the Jacob and Amelia Baer family …daughter of Justin Baer Herman. I would love to share info with you. My email address is I’m also retired and a writer…most interested..just got copy of Pacific Street. Liz

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