Happy Fathers Day!

Today I want to pay tribute to all the fathers in my family tree, in particular my own father, who is always a source of inspiration for me.  He is passionate about many things—most of all his family, but also art, music, politics and human rights, the environment, cats and dogs, food and drink, and, of course, architecture.  His passion for all of these things is matched by his knowledge about them and his continuing curiosity about everything, except maybe computers.

Happy Fathers Day also to my husband, Harvey, with whom I also celebrated our 39th anniversary this weekend.  I could not have asked for a better father for my own children.  He’s been my parenting partner from the beginning—a totally engaged, loving, caring, and attentive father.  My daughters are sweet and kind and compassionate because they have him as their father.

Happy Fathers Day also to my son-in-law Brian.  He is a wonderfully devoted father whose face lights up with joy whenever he is with his sons.

And Happy Fathers Day to all the other fathers out there as well.

What follows are photographs of all the fathers in my direct lines for whom I have a photograph or at least a photograph of their headstone.

amy and john 1954 abt

My father and me

Eva Schoenthal and John Cohen, Jr. 1923

Eva Schoenthal and John Cohen, Sr. 1923  My paternal grandparents

headstone for emanuel, eva and john n cohen

My great-grandfather Emanuel Cohen’s headstone, as well as that of my great-grandmother Eva Seligmann Cohen and their son, my grandfather, John.

Jacob Cohen headstone by Todd

Jacob Cohen, my great-great-grandfather

Bernard Seligman

Bernard Seligman, my great-great-grandfather

Courtesy of the Family of Fred and Ilse Michel

Moritz Seligmann, my 3x great-grandfather

Isadore Schoenthal, my great-grandfather

Isadore Schoenthal, my great-grandfather

Isadore Goldschlager

Isadore Goldschlager, my grandfather

Moritz Goldschlager

Moritz Goldschlager, my great-grandfather

Joseph headstone ABC

Joseph Brotman, my great-grandfather


2 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day!

  1. Beautifully written You did good
    The most amazing thing is our families
    parallel We really did come from the same DNA
    Enjoy your Father’s Day

    Gerry Ross


    Liked by 1 person

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