A New Look

You may have noticed a new look when you clicked on the blog.  I have changed the “theme” to a new one for a few technical reasons.  I think this is a little easier to read, but if not, let me know.  The links should be more visible now.  The font is a little larger.cropped-100_0357.jpg

But the main reason I changed it was that my old theme did not have a feature I wanted—the ability to select a particular image to use as the thumbnail when I post the link to another site such as Facebook.  I am hoping this will now work.  This one is a test so I am inserting some random images and then selecting one to be the
“featured” image so I can see if it works when I post the link to the blog.

Sepia Remy and Nate kissing

Please let me know what you think of the new look.

Walk In New York - NYC Vintage - Lower East Side

Bessie Brotman

Bessie Brotman

34 thoughts on “A New Look

  1. I love it Amy. How’s by you and Harvey? We’re well, busy as always but particularly Ben with Bar Mitzvah study, regular study and two baseball teams he is playing for. Look forward to seeing you this summer


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