Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks to all for the feedback and for the new pictures, corrections, and information.  I am trying to keep up with it, but if I forget, please remind me.

A few things: I am trying to be sensitive to privacy concerns.  For example, I wasn’t sure people wanted me to list their birthdays, spouse’s names, or other identifying information about anyone living.  Thus, I deleted all the information and only listed first names of the children and most of the living descendants.

Instead of the document that had included a lot of that information, I have posted a set of family trees.  You can find them if you click on Joseph’s Descendants: Family Trees.  These were not created by me directly, but by software that works with  Although I can fix errors in names and add and delete people through the site, I cannot rearrange people on the trees.  I know some of it is odd: first husbands listed after second husbands, for example.  Not my fault! So I can either leave the trees or delete them.  I can either leave the information on the pages incomplete or add every bit of information you want.  But I won’t do it unless you tell me you want me to.  

One more tip: click on the photos to zoom in and even zoom in again.  It’s great to be able to see old photos that were 3 inches or so enlarged enough to see more clearly.

That’s it for now.  Thanks again for your feedback.


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