While we are waiting….

I am in a holding pattern right now, waiting for some more documents and also waiting to talk with Elaine Ashin, who is Moses Brotman’s granddaughter (of the Brotmanville clan). I am also still working to find some way to determine our ancestral home town in Galicia. It’s frustrating sometimes, waiting to find more information, but it has always been worth it once it arrives.

So while we’re waiting, please consider sending in some pictures, old or new, of your family members. We created a new page for the “Newer Generations” that would include both current and older pictures of any of us—including our children, grandchildren, parents, etc.

It would also be nice to add some pictures to the pages set aside for the first, second and third generations. If you have lots of pictures to add, that’s great and easily done; Judy and I each compiled a Picasa online album of older pictures of our families and created links to those albums on the Max page and the Gussie page (see the bottom of each page); it would be nice to do that for Abraham, Hyman and Tilly also. If you want me to scan pictures for you, I’d be happy to do that also.

Also, I think it would be nice to add some personal recollections to the blog—your memories or feelings about your grandparents. I’ve done some of that on Gussie’s page, and some of her other grandchildren have added comments with their stories. It would be great to do that for Abraham, Max, Hyman, and Tilly also. Since I didn’t know any of them, I can’t do it without your help. So feel free to add comments on the blog, and then I can incorporate some of that to the pages themselves.

Meanwhile, I will keep you all updated about any new things I learn.

Oh, and GO SOX!

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