Family Trees: Blog Tip

It seems that some people are having trouble locating the family trees on the blog.  If you click [1]on the words “Joseph’s Descendants: Family Trees” near the top of the page (under the blog title), a page will open that has a list of family trees. There is one for Joseph, which goes only to the third generation (Joseph’s grandchildren).  Then there are separate trees for each of Joseph’s children, following through a few more generations.  The trees are all quite large, so you will need to zoom in to read the names, but then you can move around that page to see the various relationships.  You can also save the trees to your own computer.  They are in PDF format.

Hope that helps.

[1] If you just let your mouse hover over those words, a dropdown menu displays the names of Joseph’s seven children.  If you click on one of those names, it will open that person’s page.  You need to click on “Joseph’s Descendants: Family Trees” to open the family tree page.

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