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Once again I am getting a report that my replies to comments are not being received despite subscribing to receive follow-up comments. Is this happening to anyone else? If you submitted a comment and did NOT get a reply from me, then something is wrong. I reply to every comment, even if just to say Thank you. PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thanks!

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

I’ve gotten a few questions from readers about whether I am receiving their comments.  I think I am seeing all comments that are sent (they are moderated first before they appear on the blog to prevent spam, privacy matters, etc.)  And I almost always will reply with at least a thank you for the comment.  So if you do not receive a reply, it means either (1) your comment did not go through for some reason (don’t forget to click on Post Comment) or (2) you did not ask to be notified of follow-up comments (again, you need to click on the box under the comment box that asks whether you want to receive that notification).

If you are doing this and still not receiving a notification that I replied, then please let me know.  I will contact WordPress to report the problem.



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8 thoughts on “Comments and Replies

  1. These stories are so close–close in time, close in that only the details really change even with families presumably unrelated like yours and mine. The essences of these immigrant stories are the same.

    But they are also so distant, so clearly belonging to a different world, a time utterly lost to us, however few the actual years that have passed.


    • You have stated it beautifully, John. That’s just how I feel: their world was so different, but I don’t want it to be utterly lost. Thus, I am trying in some way to capture it for posterity. It’s not just my family—it’s the family of every American descended from an immigrant in the late 19th, early 20th century.


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