The Stories behind a Photograph

No real time to write this weekend, so I thought I would just post one more of the pictures that Robin sent.  I don’t know when this was taken, and it was a great surprise to realize that there was a photograph of my mother that I had never seen.  I’d love to know more about the picture. It looks like a formal photograph, but it’s not a school photograph because I have seen her high school graduation photograph. So when was it taken? Why was she sitting for a formal photograph? What is the necklace she is wearing?  I will have to ask her when I speak to her.  But it’s a fascinating photograph.  It captures her in so many ways that I know so well, but also sheds a new light that is different from other pictures I’ve seen before.  That’s what makes photographs so interesting—they let you see someone at a particular moment in time, a moment when perhaps you didn’t know them, and let you see who they were then as well as who they are now.


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3 thoughts on “The Stories behind a Photograph

  1. If it’s not rude to ask: what are your mother’s dates; how old do you think she was in this picture; was the picture hand-tinted (i.e., was this her natural hair color, her make-up style); does Robin know how she came to have it; was it in with other photographs of your mother; did your mother change her hairstyle as she grew older (my mother, born in 1922, wore a style very much like the one in this photo all her adult life); were crew-neck black cashmere (?) knits (?) her style as you remember; did you troll through her jewelry box when you were young.


    • Of course, it isn’t rude to ask–at least I don’t think so; my mother might feel differently. She graduated from high school a a few years after World War 2, and I was born in 1952; I think this was taken some time in that in between stage. Her hair was long when she graduated from high school, short by the time she married my father in 1951. I don’t know when she cut it. That is her coloring, but I do think the picture is hand tinted. I have no idea what her clothing style was back then! But I am very fortunate that I can ask her about this picture the next time I speak to her, probably within the next few days. My guess? An engagement picture?? But I don’t know. And Robin, if you are reading the comments, do you know how you came to have this picture?

      Thanks for asking!


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