More Family Photos

Another day of “new” old family photos to enjoy.

First, some from the Goldschlager side: Robyn, Estelle Feuerstein Kenner’s daughter, sent me these two wonderful photos of her mother Estelle.

Estelle Feuerstein, Betty's daughter

Estelle Feuerstein, Betty’s daughter

You can see why my grandfather described her as a princess—what an adorable little girl.  Here she is an adult:



I love the hat! I wonder what the occasion was and what year this was taken. So elegant. I also see something of my mother in her eyes here.

Now one for the Brotman side.  Jody found this picture of Sam Brotman as a young man:

Sam Brotman

Sam Brotman

He looks like a teenager here.  Can you imagine a teenage boy today dressing up like this for a studio photograph?  Well, maybe if it was his bar mitzvah.  Hmm, maybe this IS a bar mitzvah picture.  Why else would my great-grandmother have spent money for a fancy picture of her son?

Finally, here is one of two young women who share both Goldschlager and Brotman genes—my mother and her big sister, my Aunt Elaine.  As you can see, they both had a sense of style. I love how they both have the large buttons and a scarf like attachment to their sweater/coat.  And you can’t miss those Bessie Brotman cheekbones!

Florence and Elaine Goldschlager

Florence and Elaine Goldschlager

That’s it for today.  I’d love more photos so if you have any old pictures of your parents or grandparents or aunts and uncles, please scan and send them, and I will share them here with everyone. Thanks!

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