Mystery Photos

I love when people send me photos, especially photos of people I’ve researched but never met.  Sometimes they send me photos that include people who they themselves cannot identify.  Today I have a number of these mystery photos, and I am hoping maybe someone else—in the family or outside of the family— can identify these people.

First is a photo I received from David Strolowitz Adler’s grandson Ira.  It’s a photo of his grandparents David and Bertha Adler, but he cannot identify the other three women in this photograph.  I sent it to Leah Adler’s granddaughter Jean, and she showed it to her mother Teddy, but neither of them could identify the other women either.  Perhaps they are Bertha’s sisters?

bertha david etal3

The second photograph I received from Ron, Joe Rosenzweig’s grandson.  The photo includes Joe and Sadie Rosenzweig, but Ron and his cousin Ariela were not able to identify the other two couples.

Joe and Sadie with unknown others

Ron also sent me this third photograph, which Ariela thinks might be Rebecca, Abraham Rosenzweig’s wife, and their two sons Max and Irving.

possibly Rebecca Rosenzweig with Max and Irving

If anyone recognizes any of these people, please let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Mystery Photos

  1. Gertrude fener is in the upper photo sitting under joe. she was sadie’s youngest sister.
    In the photo below it looks like aunt beck and grandchildren – not children but the yiddish on the back of the photo should tell you who they are


    • I don’t have the back, only the front. Do you know Yiddish or know someone who can translate it? If not, if you scan the back and send it to me, I have a friend who knows Yiddish.



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