Mystery solved, Questions Answered!  The Internet Is Magical



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The internet is magical.  I’ve hit a lot of brick walls lately, but I’ve also found some goldmines. Recently I’ve been able to find a number of my third cousins—grandchildren of my grandfather’s first cousins.  I had already located Joe Rosenzweig’s grandchildren and one of Rebecca Rosenzweig’s grandchildren, and now I have located one of Abraham Rosenzweig’s grandchildren, Gerry.

I’ve also located other third cousins previously,  Tillie’s great-granddaughter Jean and her family, and many second cousins: David Goldschlager’s grandson Richard and Betty Goldschlager Feuerstein’s grandchildren Barry, Karyn, Robyn and Gayle.  It’s all quite remarkable.

Gerry and I had a wonderful conversation this morning, sharing information and family stories.  Gerry did tell me that the mystery photo with the Yiddish inscriptions was not a picture of his grandmother Rebecca and her grandsons.  He does not know who the people in the photograph are, but he is certain it is not his grandmother.  Also, since Irving had two daughters and no sons, the reference to “Yitzhak’s son” must be to a different Irving.

I can only imagine what our grandparents would think.  Would Isadore and David and Betty and Leah and her siblings and Abraham and Joe and Rebecca be amazed that we all found each other, or would they have assumed that family members would always have stayed in touch? Certainly they could never have envisioned that someday there would be technology that allows us all to communicate instantly and freely across the oceans and time zones, to send photographs to each other over a digital network, to find personal records and documents that help lead us to one another.  After all, many of us could not have envisioned any of this ourselves just 25 years ago.  Like I said, the internet is magical.  Thank goodness we have it.


Emptiness: The Magic Trick, magician & assista...

Emptiness: The Magic Trick, magician & assistant, top hat and cape, painted panels, magic box, red, black, blue, white, painting, Seatac Airport, Seattle, Washington, USA (Photo credit: Wonderlane)


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