Blog Update: Cohen Family Trees

English: Leaves of Utah mountain trees changin...

English: Leaves of Utah mountain trees changing color during autumn. Deutsch: Die Farbe der Blätter ändert während des Herbstes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have added a new page to the blog.  If you look at the top where all the fixed pages are listed, you will see that the last entry is one that says “Cohen Family Trees.”   If you click on it, you will see a page that has a list of links.  Each of those links will lead to a PDF version of a family tree.  You can download and/or print these.

As I explain on the page itself, the first three trees are very large.  There is one for Hart Levy and Rachel Cohen, one of Jacob and Sarah Cohen, and one for Moses and Adeline Cohen, each going to several generations, but not including any living descendants.  To see these, you will probably need to print out the pages and line them up to see the overall family.

The other trees are for each individual child or grandchild of Hart and Rachel so that you can see each “branch” more clearly.  The bigger trees are rather difficult to use, so I made these smaller trees.  I hope this is helpful.

The Cohen family is very large, and there are so many people with similar or identical names.  I’ve lost track myself of how many Jacob Cohens there are, how many Isaac Cohens, Joseph Cohens, Rachel Cohens, etc.  I hope the trees will help keep these straight.


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