Thank you and Back to work

First, I want to thank you all for the kind words of comfort I received about Cassie—from those who emailed me or commented on the blog or on Facebook.  It really did help to know that others understand how our pets are family.  For those who are interested, I have added a few photos of Cassie when she was younger to the blog post.

Secondly, it’s time for me to get back to the real work of this blog—genealogy.  It’s been over a month since we left for our trip and since I’ve done any serious genealogy work.  I think having a break like this was really important.  I tend to be compulsive about what I am doing, and I love the genealogy work so much that, unlike when I had a real job, I could spend endless hours lost in my research and then blogging about it.  I have been driven to keep digging, keep blogging, since I retired a year ago, and I think I worried that if I stopped, I would lose steam and never get back to it.

So taking a month off was probably a very good thing.  Now I have new motivation for continuing my work, having seen so many new places and learned so much about Jewish history and history in general.  And I have a whole new branch of my family to begin—my paternal grandmother’s family.

But before I do that, there are some other new things to report and to share.  My Seligmann family tree continues to provide me with new members and new documents and new photographs.  I am trying to be sure I understand who is who before posting, but will share those soon.  I also have new documents to share regarding my Schoenfeld family tree as well as various other tidbits here and there.

So tomorrow there will be a post with new information about my Seligmann family.  Thank you all once again for your thoughts about Cassie and for following my adventures around Europe.

2 thoughts on “Thank you and Back to work

  1. Oh my, I haven’t been on Facebook for some time and I’ve not yet read some of your recent posts so this is the first I’ve learned about Cassie. I am so sorry for your loss. Such a sweet face! I was looking forward to meeting her one day. Believe me, I understand about pets being family. I am truly sorry.

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