I Am Still Here


I haven’t disappeared.  As I said in my last post, it’s a hectic time of year, and I have been busy with non-blog-related matters.  Like spending time with these two, the sweetest little boys you will ever meet (and I am not biased):

Sepia Remy and Nate kissing


And with these three:

Three cats



And with my two September birthday girls (back in the 1980s):

Rebecca and Maddy


And then there’s the holidays.  Lots of eating and catching up with friends, less contemplation and introspection than expected.  But that’s okay.  Yom Kippur is next week.  There’s still time.

But in between all those activities, I have been hard at work researching my great-grandfather Isidore Schoenthal and his family.  I’ve found an incredible amount of information in a fairly short time (though much of the groundwork had been done much earlier).  Some of that is due to the fact that others had already researched some of the family lines; some is due to the new databases that have become available since I first started doing family history research.  Today I even found online some digitized German records of the births and deaths of some of the Schoenthals.

So I am hoping to start being able to pull together my notes and my thoughts and start blogging about the Schoenthals within the next week.  From what I’ve already learned, I think they will prove to be an interesting group to write about and, I hope, to read about.

Be back soon.

12 thoughts on “I Am Still Here

  1. Enjoy!! I’m kinda glad you are busy because I haven’t found time yet to read through your recent posts (it’s birthday season in our family too). I’m promising myself a cup of coffee and a good catch-up soon.

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