Are These Two Photographs of the Same Woman?

Sharon, one of my readers and a fellow genealogy blogger, asked in response to my last post whether I thought the woman in this photograph of Lawrence Baer and his son John Degen Baer could be John’s grandmother. Certainly the way his hand rests on her shoulder suggests that she was someone he knew well and felt comfortable with:

Lawrence Baer, John Degen Baer, unknown person, 1924

Lawrence Baer, John Degen Baer, unknown person, 1924

John’s paternal grandmother was Amalia Hamberg, the woman in the photo I’d posted in an earlier post. People thought that photo was taken in the 1880s or about 40 years before the one above:


Amalia Hamberg and Jacob Baer


Could the woman in the top photo also be Amalia? In 1924, Amalia would have been 73 years old. Her face is obviously much thinner in the later photograph, but are the mouth, nose, and eyes similar? Do you think this is the same woman in both photographs?

And if any of Amalia’s descendants can help, please let me know.

(I tried to use the pictriev tool that Cathy Meder-Dempsey blogged about, but the photo of Amalia and Jacob was too small for pictriev to detect the faces.)

26 thoughts on “Are These Two Photographs of the Same Woman?

  1. I’m inclined to agree with everyone else. When I first looked, I thought the man and woman were parents of the child. The woman looks too young to be the grandmother and mother of Lawrence. She looks more of an age to be his older sister.

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    • I assume you meant John’s aunt or Lawrence’s older sister? (John is the little boy.) Thanks, Linda. I am pretty much persuaded that that is probably who she is also. Just not sure which aunt!


  2. I am on board that it is one of John’s Aunts, a sister to Lawrence. I definitely believe there is a real similarity in the two woman. I sure hope someone in the family can id the woman with John and Lawrence….I’ll be anxious to find out 🙂

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  3. Well I don’t know who it is but John Degen’s Mother was 25 when she had him in 1921 (she Donna Degen was born in 1896 and Lawrence in 1891. Donna Degen’s mother was Jessie Wing Degen and considering Donna was only 25 or 29 (dad looks about 4 there) is just might be her.
    Victoria Degen Baer, 49

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