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When I decided I needed a break from screens back in January and stopped blogging for a few weeks, I never anticipated that during that time (and since) I would be contacted by numerous cousins who found me through my blog. It’s been a wonderful time, connecting with all these people and learning more about their families—and mine. I’ve already written about many of these new cousins and their stories, and there are even more stories and family information that I haven’t yet processed enough to write about.

For example, a new cousin found me with information about a whole branch of my Hamberg tree that I didn’t know existed. A Katzenstein cousin found me, and we had a Zoom session with him, his grandmother, his mother, his aunt, his brother, and another cousin. And a Goldschmidt cousin contacted me, but he and I still haven’t found a good time to talk since our schedules aren’t in sync.

All of this has been amazing and rewarding. It also means I’ve stalled on doing much new research into the Blumenfeld family.

And I am still finding that being online for too many hours is not good for me. So my posting schedule may now become less frequent. But I will still be here, just moving more slowly, as I continue to learn about my Blumenfeld family and connect with cousins from all over my family tree.

15 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. I do understand about too much screen time. Also for me I do not like writing and so that has caused me to fall behind in that area. Research is something I could do all the time and be very happy. A day spent researching seems like an hour. However an hour spent writing seems like a whole day. You have written so much about your family that your family history will be known for many generations. So if you slow down and perhaps enjoy the summer it is a break well earned.

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    • I love writing and researching. I do not like preparing it all on WordPress with images and citations. And I really, really need to get off the laptop!


    • He and you are both descended from Meyer Goldschmidt, you through Meyer’s son Falk, he through Meye’s son Selig. He is your fourth cousin. If you’d like more details, email me!


  2. All that is totally understandable. I’m finding this book project has been taking so much time that I’m not really doing the family research and writing I would prefer to be doing. This year is turning into a slog.

    It’s so great that more cousins are getting in touch with you and sharing ever more stories and connections. That sounds fantastic!

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    • It seems so many genealogy bloggers have slowed down. I think the pandemic gave us all lots of time stuck at home to do lots of research and writing. Now that we can be out and with other people, I just don’t want to spend that much time sitting at home at a computer.

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