Max Brotman

MAX BROTMAN  was born on 07 Jul 1878 in Galicia.  We do not yet have a record indicating when he immigrated.  He might have come with Joseph in 1888, although one passenger list has a Morsche Brodman who arrived in 1890 as a ten year old boy alone.  That might be him also.   Max owned a cigar manufacturing business in NYC and lived in NYC all his life.  He also had a home in Congers, NY.   He died on 27 May 1946.
Max and Sophie's marriage certificate
Max Brotman and Sophie Schmigrud had the following children:
 Norman Brotman, who died as a young boy

Norman Brotman, who died as a young boy

:Max, Sophie, Rosalie and ReneeMax, Sophie, Rosalie and Renee
  1. NORMAN BROTMAN was born about 1905 in New York City, New York.  He died as a child.
  2. ROSALIE  (Rose) BROTMAN was born on 30 Jun 1908 in New York. She died on 23 Mar 2003 in New York City, New York, 10024 (Age at Death: 94).  She married  JOSEPH H. GOLINKO, son of Max Golinko and Fanny, on 19 Nov 1929 in Manhattan, New York (Divorced by 1940. Advertising). He was born in 1908 in New York.
    Rosalie Brotman and Joe Golinko

    Rosalie Brotman and Joe Golinko

    She married RICHARD HOWARD JONES. He was born on 31 Mar 1909 in New York, USA. They had one son, Thomas.

  3. Rosalie and Richard Jones

    Rosalie and Richard Jones

    RENEE (Ida, Irene) BROTMAN was born on 15 Oct 1910 in New York, USA. She died on 15 Sep 1993 in California, USA (Age: 82). She married CHARLES HABER, son of Isaac Haber and Clara Haber, on 16 Jun 1934 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA. He was born on 12 Jul 1906 in New York. He died on 03 Sep 1957 in Sunnyside, Queens, New York (Well known locksmith. Hardware store.).

  4. Charles and Renee Haber

    Charles and Renee Haber

    Renee and Charles at Rosalind's wedding

    Renee and Charles at Rosalind’s wedding

    Charles Haber Obituary

    Renee later married  ELI ADLER in 1961.  He was born on 15 Dec 1910 in Brooklyn, New York. He died in Mar 1983 in Fort Lee, Bergen, New Jersey, 07024.


Renee and Charles Haber had three daughters, Rosalind, Susan and Judith.

Rosalind Haber

Rosalind Haber

Susan, Renee, Charles, Judy Haber and the Dombeys at Rosalind's wedding

Susan, Renee, Charles, Judy Haber and the Dombeys at Rosalind’s wedding

Rosalind's wedding

Rosalind’s wedding

Max Brotman has five great-grandchildren, David, Naomi, Bonnie, Charles and Giselle, and several great-great grandchildren.

For more pictures of Max’s descendants, go to this link.


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