Big Brotman Family Update!

I’ve been focused on the Goldschlagers these last few weeks, but I have not at all forgotten my Brotman cousins.  I have just not had anything new to report as I am still awaiting a few documents and also hoping to break the brick wall that prevents me from finding out about our Galician home and our earlier ancestors.

But today I actually have some news about the Brotman family.  My first cousin Jody sent me the document depicted below:

Family Tree drawn by Elaine Goldschlager Lehbraum

Family Tree drawn by Elaine Goldschlager Lehbraum

It’s a family tree written by her mother, my aunt Elaine Goldschlager Lehrbaum, my mother’s sister.  At first I didn’t realize there was anything new about it until I read it over a second, third and now fourth time.  My aunt provided the names of all the other children of Joseph Brotman, including Max and Abraham, confirming what we already knew, that is, that they were Joseph’s sons from his first marriage.  But now we have the names of the other two children from that first marriage: David and Sophie!  This is huge news for me and gives me a new start to researching the other Brotman cousins.

Also, note that my aunt said that Joseph and Bessie were first cousins.  (No wonder our gene pool carries so many repeating traits—like those distinctive cheekbones.)  That may help me locate them in Europe since we now know that they had the same grandparents.

Finally, I never knew that my aunt’s Hebrew name was Esther.  That was Gisella’s mother’s name—Esther, married to David Rosensweig.  So my aunt was named for her great-grandmother.  I wonder if she knew that.

Another one of those days when a small document can just bring tears and smiles to my eyes.

Jody also sent some wonderful pictures which I will post later.  Thanks, Jo!

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