Time for A Break!

I will be absent from the blogosphere for a bit as I travel to see my college friends and then do some traveling with my husband.  I might post a photo or two if the mood hits, but no real posts until June.  I will try and keep up with comments and emails.

For those who are curious as to my destinations, here’s a genealogy quiz: I will be visiting a place where one of my grandmothers spent most of her childhood and then a place where one of my great-grandmothers was born and raised.

No cheating by my family and friends who know my destinations—this quiz is only for those to whom I’ve not revealed my plans.

Hope to catch up with my fellow bloggers when I return.  And when I do, I will finish the story of the Hambergs, tie up a few other loose ends, and then move on to the next major project, my great-grandmother Hilda Katzenstein’s family.

See you in a bit!

28 thoughts on “Time for A Break!

  1. I’ve missed reading your posts! I got so busy with my son’s graduation and mission preparations that I got behind and then I became very ill. I’m finally feeling better and thought I’d catch up on your blog. I can’t wait to read about your trip in a few posts. 🙂


      • He will be gone for two years. He won’t come home at all and we won’t be able to visit him. Missionaries can write home once a week on their P-day (preparation day – a day for laundry, shopping, housekeeping and a few hours for sightseeing or recreation). They can call home twice each year on Christmas and Mother’s Day. With the new technologies most missionaries are able to use Skype (or something like it) when they make those calls. Most missionaries are given about 40 minutes – an hour for those calls. It will be long and short all at the same time. I’m going to need to do a better job journaling while he is gone. In particular, journaling about my youngest. My oldest will miss some big milestones. It will be hard in some ways but great in other ways.

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      • Wow, that must be hard. I can’t imagine not seeing my children for two years and only speaking to them twice a year, but I know that you must have done this yourself so you are prepared for it. Is it done this way to develop independence? That certainly would be a good thing for so many teenagers. Better to grow up before going to college and out into the world of work than afterwards.

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      • I’m so excited for him and the amazing growth he will experience that it makes it a lot easier. I didn’t serve a mission so I haven’t personally gone through it. All young men in our church are encouraged to serve mission but women are given the option. I was considering it but got married before I was old enough to go. The reason for limited contact with home is to help the missionaries focus on the work they are doing. It can be very distracting if they spend too much time focusing on home. My husband, dad, uncles, grandparents, and one brother served missions so I have lots of experience with the process. It will be awesome for him and for us. We will certainly miss him but the growth and maturity he will gain will be awesome for him and make the sacrifice worth it. 🙂

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      • It sounds like a truly special experience, and I wish him (and you) all the best. It’s too bad that we don’t encourage all teens to take a year or so to give back in some way, even if not as part of a religious organization.


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