My Father Wasn’t Wrong

In a prior post, I told the story of my father’s first impression of his second cousin Jane Schlesinger whom he met her for the first time when he was a young boy.  He thought Jane was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen and told her so.  Jane, who was thirteen years older than my father, must have been quite charmed by this little boy, who was quite adorable himself.

John Nusbaum Cohen, Jr.

John Nusbaum Cohen, Jr.

When I heard the story and wrote the post, I wished that I had a photograph of my cousin Jane.  Now, like manna from heaven, I do.  I’ve been in touch with one of Jane’s grandchildren, and she sent me these two photographs of Jane and her husband Marvin.

Jane Schlesinger and her husband Marvin Bruner

Jane Schlesinger and her husband Marvin Bruner


Jane (Schlesinger) and Marvin Bruner

My father was not wrong.  She was indeed a stunning woman.


25 thoughts on “My Father Wasn’t Wrong

  1. Wonderful that you were able to get those photos. Cousin relationships can be pretty special. The first several cousins born in our extended family were boys; we girls came into the mix later. I have one sibling, a sister, so those male cousins frightened me to death at family gatherings, and well into my teens. It was only later that we all came to be great friends. There is nothing like it. Your father had such bright eyes in that photo. Great post. 🙂

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