Break Time

For the next two weeks I will be busy with family—not the ones I research, but the ones who are still here, eating, breathing, and sleeping. Four generations together.

I will be back by August 1, but in the meantime, I will try and keep up with all the other blogs if I get the chance.  It’s hard to find a quiet moment with this crew around!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful summer.  Here are some photos of my favorite beach. No ancestors lived here, but since 1962, I have spent at least a few days each summer somewhere on this beach. I’ve walked many times along the beach, finding sea glass and shells and heart-shaped stones; I’ve sat on this beach many, many hours with my family—first, as a child, then as a mother, and now as a grandmother. I’ve spent hot days in the warm bay waters, tossed in the waves. I’ve watched storms come in across the horizon, turn the water a dark green, and bring the waves crashing against the sea wall. I’ve watched the tide go in and go out, twice a day, every day. I’ve walked two dogs up and down this beach.  I’ve held my husband’s hand on this beach, my children’s hands, my grandsons’ hands.  I may have more happy family memories from times spent here than I have of any other place on earth.

Through the years….(sadly, I seem to have no pictures on the beach itself before my kids were born).









See you in August!

21 thoughts on “Break Time

      • Love the pictures Amy. Have a fun two weeks with your family! Since emailing last time I have met my 3d cousin and visited Mt. Moriah Cemetery in SW Phila. and visited the graves of many of my Irish relatives. The cemetery was deserted and was in really bad shape until The Friends of Mount Moriah took over and with volunteers help have been working on mowing and cutting back all the growth. We could not get to my paternal side great great grandmother, her children by 2 marriages, nor my ggg grandmother’s grave. Sadly, some of the grave stones were missing on the graves of both my cousin’s side and my side. We could not reach the grave sites due to knotweed which was 10 feet high, nor could get to another site due to trees and invasive plant growth. We will go back in the Fall and early spring. We also found a relative we could not identify, but need to look up the connection and born in Ireland. I found out my great grandmother came from Northern Ireland, county of Antrim, Randallstown, and mostly all Protestant.

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    • Thanks, Michael. Most of the family has now left, and after a family wedding (for my husband’s side), I will be returning to blogging this week!


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