Several Days At a Hospital Gives Me Hope For Israel: Reblogged from Zicharonot

This is a truly powerful piece about the human capacity for love and empathy regardless of race, religion, or nationality. When we all recognize our essential humanity, we know that all those external differences are irrelevant.


Sitting in a hospital in Holon has been a most eye-opening experience. The hospital sits on the border of Holon, Tel Aviv and Yafo serving an area mixed with Jewish and Muslim and Christian citizens. And it illustrates what I love about Israel.

I came to Israel because my daughter needed surgery. They day of her scheduled surgery we arrived at 6:25 am. After all the intake she was shown to her room where she would wait for surgery. Her roommate was a Muslim woman who had acute appendicitis and also needed surgery, ‘K’.

We were now linked together. They went down to surgery about the same time and returned to their room around the same time: five hours after we first went down. While we waited we sat in an area with many others: Jewish, Christian, and Muslim parents, children, spouses and friends waiting for their loved ones to…

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8 thoughts on “Several Days At a Hospital Gives Me Hope For Israel: Reblogged from Zicharonot

    • I hope it’s clear that I did not write this nor is it about my daughter. This was reblogged from another blogger, Zichanorot. Fortunately, my daughters are fine and in the US, not Israel.


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