Sorry about that!

Sorry for the missing post. Believe it or not, I was working on the post and fell asleep and somehow my hand slipped and the post was published. I’ve taken it down to finish it, and it will be properly published next week!

16 thoughts on “Sorry about that!

  1. For all you do for everyone you probably don’t get much sleep, so not necessary to say sorry.  Thank you for everything. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

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  2. I don’t write anywhere near where I sleep so this hasn’t happened to me. All electronic devices remain downstairs when we are upstairs sleeping. 😴 But I have broken the link to a post and had to write an “oops, I’m sorry…” post. I wonder how many posts get published before they are ready. It’s one reason why I don’t use the phone app for WP to write posts.

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    • Oh, I was no where near where I sleep! I was sitting on our porch with my laptop on my lap, working on that post, and I dozed off for probably a minute. But my hand was resting on the keyboard, and I must have clicked on something while taking that unintentional catnap! I woke up and noticed that an image I had just inserted in the post was gone as was some text. Then I noticed that it no longer said Save but Update on the right. Uh oh. Sure enough I checked my email and saw a notification of a new post! Damn heat just wipes me out! All better now. The post is back in draft form, waiting to be completed.

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