Review of Amy Bess Cohen’s SANTA FE LOVE SONG

Thank you so much to Luanne Castle for this wonderful review of Santa Fe Love Song.

The Family Kalamazoo

Santa Fe Love Song, by Brotmanblog blogger Amy Bess Cohen, reads like a valentine from Cohen to her great-great grandparents Bernard and Frances (Nussbaum) Seligmann.  The story of Bernard, a young immigrant from a small town in Germany to Philadelphia and Santa Fe, though fictionalized, gives a wonderful account of what it would have been like for a German Jewish young man to travel across the ocean by himself, get a job, learn English, and within a matter of months, move across the country to New Mexico via the grueling Santa Fe Trail to meet up with his brother. It’s fascinating to read about Bernard’s acclimation to living out west just before, during, and after the Civil War.

The story is of Bernard’s development as an important pioneer of Santa Fe, and his search for a Jewish wife to bring to a place where there were very few…

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6 thoughts on “Review of Amy Bess Cohen’s SANTA FE LOVE SONG

  1. I am a cousin of yours
    Amy Katzenstein and am fascinated by your stories and would love to chat. My father Henry Katzenstein ‘s grandparents were Henry Sour and Helena Kahn . His great grandparents were Seligman Kahn and Pauline Dahlman. I can’t wait to read your book about Santa Fe . Amy Rosa Katzenstein

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