Who Was That Baby? A Question Answered!

You never know when you publish a blog post asking a question when, if ever, that question will be answered. And I’ve learned never to give up hope. Just recently I learned the answer to a question I posed over four years ago on this post about Jake Katz, the Oklahoma cousin who started the Katz Department Stores in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and who eventually helped to rescue several of his cousins who were still living in Germany during the Nazi era.

Included in that post was a photograph of the three children Jake had with his wife Sophia Salzenstein: Albert Jerome, Margaret, and Helen.

Albert Jerome Katz in rear, Helen Katz and Margaret “Babe” Katz seated with unknown cousin on laps
Courtesy of the Goldman family

Under that photograph I posed this question:

Perhaps some Katz family member can identify the two unknown little cousins? Since we know Albert Jerome died in 1919, I am assuming this photo was taken in about 1918, meaning the two young children were likely born in 1916-1917. I am thinking one might be the daughter of Lester Katz and Mayme Salzenstein, Mildred “Bobbie,” since she was born in January 1916 and was related to Jake and Sophia on both sides, Lester being Jake’s cousin and Mayme being Sophia’s sister.

I didn’t get any answers when I published this post, but on September 19, 2021, I received this comment on that blog post from a reader named Jerry Richards:

Hi Amy, I have the same picture you do of Helen, Margaret and Jerome Katz. The two babies are, as you guessed, on the left Mildred Henderson nee Katz, born 1916, two years old. The baby on the right is Peggy (Mary Carolyn) Richards nee Salzenstein, born 8/6/1917. She is my mother.

I emailed Jerry and learned that his grandfather Solomon Wolf Salzenstein was the brother of Sophia Salzenstein, Jake Katz’s wife. Thus, Jerry is the grandnephew of Sophia and grandnephew-in-law of Jake.

And now I can correct the caption under the photograph:

Albert Jerome Katz in rear, Helen Katz and Margaret “Babe” Katz seated, left to right. Mildred Katz Henderson and Peggy (Mary Carolyn) Salzenstein Richards sitting on their cousins’ laps, left to right.
Courtesy of the Goldman family

Another reminder that you never know when a question you never thought would be answered will in fact be answered! Thank you, Jerry!

20 thoughts on “Who Was That Baby? A Question Answered!

  1. It’s great to have blogs to attract a variety of distant relations. I had a couple cousins contact me last week – both from the same branch, but unknown to each other. I was able to share photos of one’s grandfather, who had abandoned his children in Canada when they were young. They never knew what happened to him. It’s so good to make those connections!

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  2. Something similar happened to me. A distant relative of my wife living in London England was able to answer a question as she by chance stumbled over my blog and provided a link to her great-grandfather who was also my wife’s great-grandfather. In genealogy, one needs a lot of time and patience, both in short supply as we are getting older.

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  3. So true – never give up hope. I had someone contact me years after I wrote a blog post to tell me that her father and my father were friends and her dad was still living. Unfortunately, she left the comment on my blog without an e-mail and try as I might, I haven’t been able to contact her. But you’ve given me hope!

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  4. Hi Amy,
    You are amazing! Thank you for bringing the family I vaguely knew to life for me. I feel so proud of my beloved ancestors. I’m wondering if Jerry Richards has a photo he could share with me of Sophie Salzenstein? I’ve never seen a picture of my great grandmother, she died before my father knew her. I know her family had a great history but Monte and Alfred only ever spoke of Jake whom they knew and adored.

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