1950 Census Day!

I was going to post more about the Blumenfelds today, but I am too distracted and excited because the 1950 US census has been released, and I just want to dive right in and start looking for all my family and friends who were born before 1950. I’ve already found my mother and maternal grandparents and my husband’s parents and brother, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

My grandparents and my 19 year old mother on the 1950 US census

So I’ll be happily buried in the search page which you can find here. Even if you aren’t a family history/genealogy geek like I am, I bet you will be interested in finding all those pre-1950 people you know.

15 thoughts on “1950 Census Day!

  1. The first thing I did this morning was to check for my father and his family. Easy peasy. But his only living grandparent is giving me conniptions. Walter Farmer Roop was widowed less than two months before the enumeration date. So far I haven’t found him in the town and district her lived or with any of his living children. Next up, check his brothers and his half-siblings.

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    • I wish my relatives didn’t live in NYC! There are usually so many “wrong” results that I need to sift through. My grandparents’ names were really jumbled—the surname was transcribed as Huldschlager, not Goldschlager! Same thing with my in-laws.

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  2. i found my family’s names on census!  thanks! tell me again, where are you in florida? totop, (too old to punctuate)jane


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    • I had beginner’s luck first thing this morning and since then nothing. Searching in NYC is literally like searching for a needle in a haystack. Until there’s a decent index or unless you know the family’s street address or they have a really unusual name (like Goldschlager, which was indexed by NARA as Huldschlager), it means sifting through thousands of hits.

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  3. I had only a few people to find and between NARA and Ancestry, managed to find most of them. Still have one family completely MIA – even their address is rejected by NARA in its Search. Will wait for the indexing and try again…

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    • I think that it helps if you have an address and can find the ED or if you have someone from a small town or with an unusual name. I had beginner’s luck with the two I found, but since then have found nothing. Names that are too common, no idea of the ED or address, and all in NYC or Philadelphia.


    • I lucked out with my first two searches, but have had little luck since. I am waiting for it to be indexed by Ancestry or FamilySearch or MyHeritage.


    • I had a great start and then hit a wall. Now I am waiting for indexing unless I am looking for someone with a really unusual name or someone who lives in a really small town or I know exactly what their address was in 1950.

      Chag sameach to you and yours as well!


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