Time for A Break

I started writing about my Blumenfeld family back in August of 2021—almost a year and a half ago. In my first post about the Blumenfelds, I pointed out that my four times great-grandparents Abraham Katz Blumenfeld and Geitel Katz had six children, one being my three-times great-grandmother Breine Blumenfeld Katzenstein, whose descendants I covered in my work on the Katzenstein family several years ago.

Abraham and Geitel’s first-born child was their son Moses, who had three children, Abraham II, Isaac, and Gelle. So far, in the seventeen months or so that I’ve been posting about the Blumenfelds, I’ve not even reached Gelle or finished Isaac, let alone any of the other children of Abraham I and Geitel, the other four siblings of Moses and Breine: Sprintz, Hanna, Maier, and Jakob.

Sometimes it just feels overwhelming, and I wonder how many more years it will take before I reach Abraham and Geitel’s youngest child, Jakob. I believe each and every one of these relatives should be remembered, and my goal remains to do my best to honor their memories. But at times I feel like I am in an endless maze from which I will never emerge.

And so it’s time to take a break from blogging. I need to reinvigorate myself and clear my head so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed. I will be back—maybe in a couple of weeks, maybe longer. And when I am, I will be writing about Isaac Blumenfeld I’s eighth child, his daughter Rebecca Blumenfeld Rosenberg, one of the over 80 great-grandchildren of my four-times great-grandparents, Abraham Blumenfeld I and Geitel Katz.

Until then I will be enjoying a break from screens and getting outside as much as possible, reading books, and seeing friends and family. I will keep up with blogs and emails, of course, but otherwise hope to limit my time on the computer.

See you all soon! Have a good couple of weeks or whatever it takes until I am ready to return to the blogiverse!


23 thoughts on “Time for A Break

  1. Amy, enjoy your “me” time. You are constant and driven. At times the task of documentation must seem mind-boggling, but to the reader it’s pretty impressive.

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    • Thanks, Shirley. The truth is the as much as I love doing the research and even writing the blog posts, doing the footnotes and preparing the images is a drag! So I need to take a break so that I don’t start getting sloppy!! 🙂


  2. Enjoy your rest! And I so feel your pain – there are many days when, like you, I feel completely overwhelmed by the enormity of the task I’ve set for myself. Remembering that no-one else is expecting anything is important, but if you’re like me, I imagine that’s difficult, given that we feel the need to honour all those who came before us.

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  3. I enjoy every morsel that you share with us. Please breathe deep, relax and savor each and every moment. You spend so much time looking backwards for so many of us. Look forward, knowing that we will be patiently waiting. I am looking forward to one day, at your leisure, learning, (though my DNA confirms it) how I am connected to this beautiful family. Be well!

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  4. Welcome to the world of rest 🙂 Enjoy it! I have been resting this past year. I think I had been feeling hopeless in solving so many mysteries that I had to shelf them and myself (in a way) . Gone from the ancestral blogaverse but not forever 🙂

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  5. Hey Amy, I think you have a good and healthy idea…giving yourself permission to ‘get refreshed” and then you get to decide upon your next goal, when you are ready. I definitely think you need to fit in some Santa Fe time…and also really get “into” your newish home and neighborhood. Keep in touch.
    Sue Baum

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    • Thanks, Sue! Santa Fe would be nice, but to be honest, after reading about your travel woes (and those of many others), I am not anxious to fly anywhere these days. Hope all is well with you!


  6. Hi Amy! I found your text about Hilde’s coming to Brazil. I’m her granddaughter. It was great to read a little more about our family history! I wish you keep writing! Hugs, Ana Gabriela Meinrath, from São Paulo, Brazil.

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  7. Amy, you definitely need to replenish the reserves! Your years-long project is the best by far that I have ever seen. And so deserving of being researched and written when you are feeling your best! Sending hugs to you from Arizona XOXO.

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    • Thanks, Luanne. Being “freed” from the computer these past couple of weeks has been a real relief. Not that I am totally off-line (obviously), but I limit my time each day and make sure I get OUTSIDE!


  8. Hi Amy! Enjoy your break! I found your article very interesting. We’re related somehow. I am the great grandson of Max Bloomfield. I shared your article on him with my dad and family.

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