Introducing Chloe and Zoe—New Leaves on the Pet Family Tree

Chloe and Zoe 8 21 2015

As many of you know, we lost two pets in the last twelve months.  First, we unexpectedly lost our sweet cat Luna, who died without warning last September.  Then in June we had to put down our fifteen year old dog Cassie.   I knew we would eventually get a new cat, but I really wasn’t ready until after we lost Cassie as well.  So for my birthday, all I really wanted was a kitten.  Um, I mean kittens.

We were very lucky to find an amazing animal shelter in Provincetown called CASAS.  It’s a no-kill shelter where the cats have free run of a house, no cages.  It’s run by volunteers and supported by donations.  It’s the only shelter I’ve been to where I did not leave in tears, worrying about all the cats and dogs left behind.

We first saw our new kittens the first week in August and decided we would adopt one.  Then a few days later, we decided we should get two.  We had to wait until today for them to be ready to go home.  These poor kittens were orphaned at four weeks old when their mother was killed by a car and were bottle-fed by the shelter volunteers.  They are as sweet as they are pretty.

So without further ado…

Here is Chloe.

Chloe in focus 8 21 2015

Here is Zoe.

Zoe 8 21 2015

Here they are on my lap.

zoe chin up

And here’s big brother Smokey checking them out  while they slept.

smokey checking them out

And here are a few more  as they check out their new surroundings.

After they both tried to eat the crystal-type kitty litter, we had to use newspaper until we could get some traditional litter.

After they both tried to eat the crystal-type kitty litter, we had to use newspaper until we could get some traditional litter.

Chloe says not bad testing the quality of the accommodations

We are so excited to have our new babies join our family!



009 (2)

Anyone who knows me at all and anyone who reads this blog regularly knows how much I love my pets.  In fact, I just listed my love of animals as one of seven things to know about me.  So you will know that losing one of my pets is heartbreaking for me.  This one was particularly difficult.

Luna was only six, and as far as we knew, she was healthy and feeling fine.  Nothing seemed wrong—-she was playful, eating, purring, and being her always sweet and affectionate self.  But something was wrong with her heart, and without warning, she died in her sleep earlier this week.

I have written more about Luna here  Luna pdf  for anyone who is interested.  There is a slideshow of her life with her brother Smokey (the gray and white one) and her canine companion Cassie and some of her people here.       I wrote and created these because they help me deal with losing her, so I am not posting the full text here or a lot of pictures, but I am including the links here so I have a record myself and can look back when I want.

For anyone who is also a cat lover, you should know that she was one of the very special ones.


Pet Photo Gallery

It seemed a lot of people enjoyed my post about our family pets, and some have shared pet stories with me by email or in the comments.  My sister also sent me some photos of two of her dogs, Pablo and Roxanne, as well as some of my parents’ cat Honey.








IMG_0270 IMG_0434 IMG_0471 IMG_0227


If anyone else wants to add more pets to the “family tree,” just send me a photo, and I will add it here.



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