Update on Abraham Brotman of Brooklyn

Yesterday I received photos of the headstones of our great-grandfather Joseph Brotman, which I will post separately, and of Abraham Brotman of Brooklyn, who I have been researching to find out whether he was also related to Joseph.  Max was the witness on Abraham’s naturalization application, so I assumed there was a connection, but couldn’t find any other evidence of it.  Well, now I do.  Joseph’s headstone revealed that his Hebrew name was Yosef Yaakov ben Avraham.  Abraham’s headstone revealed that his name was Avraham ben Yosef Yaakov! Thus, Abraham was named for Joseph’s father, our great-great-grandfather.  (Or great or great-great-great, depending on which generation you are a part of.)  

I am in touch with two of Abraham’s grandchildren, Morty Grossman and Paula Newman, who are also second cousins of the fourth generation cousins.  I also am going to add a new page for Abraham and his descendants.  It’s a little thin now, but I am hoping that Morty and Paula will be able to fill in with some more information.


2 thoughts on “Update on Abraham Brotman of Brooklyn

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