Whatever happened to Harry Coopersmith??

Remember the story of Harry Coopersmith, who married Frieda Brotman and then lost both her and his infant son Max when they both died shortly after Max was born?  I felt I needed to find out what had happened to Harry.  Did he ever remarry?  Did he have children? Well, now I know the answers.

To make a very long story short, I was able to find a genealogist whose great-grandmother was the sister of Harry’s father Nathan.  And she sent me the following document:

NathanKupersmith family by Sharlene Kranz

For those who may be less interested in the story of the Coopersmith family, I will summarize the parts that are most relevant to us.  First, Harry’s mother Lena died in June, 1923.  Remember that Frieda and Harry first had a civil ceremony at City Hall in May, 1923, and then a later religious ceremony in September, 1923.  Perhaps Harry wanted to make his ailing mother happy in her last days by getting married, but then they—or the remaining parents—wanted them to have a religious ceremony afterwards.

And as for what happened to Harry? Well, Frieda and Max died in May, 1924, and on July 22, 1924, two months later, Harry married Nettie Lichtenstein, and had three sons with her.  Sadly, Nettie ended up institutionalized by 1940, and according to the 1940 census, the three sons were then living with another family on Long Island.  Neither the genealogist nor Harry’s grandson Stanley[1] knows where Harry was at that time.  Harry died in 1956 and was buried in a veterans’ cemetery on Long Island.

So ends the mystery of Harry Coopersmith and Frieda Brotman.

[1] I was able to find Stanley through ancestry.com.  He had an error on his family tree that had me thrown for a few days, but once I was able to communicate with him, he said that he had been mistaken about the names of his great-grandparents and thus I knew I had found the right family.

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