Abraham Rosenzweig: Update

A week ago I wrote about my search for Gustave Rosenzweig’s son Abraham and the process I used to narrow it down from the thirteen possible Abraham Rosenzweigs who were born in New York between 1885 and 1895 to the one who seemed to be the most likely possibility.  That one was the Abraham who married a woman named Rebecca, had two sons named Max and Irving, and who worked for a bakery company.  But I needed some specific evidence proving that that Abraham was the son of Gustave Rosenzweig.

I searched the New York marriage record index over and over and finally decided that Abraham and Rebecca had not been married in New York City, but in Pennsylvania where Rebecca was born.  Abraham, Gustave’s son, had been stationed in Pennsylvania while in the Navy, and I assume that that was when they met.  I looked for a Pennsylvania marriage record, but have not found it.

I was, however, able to find a death notice for that Abraham in the New York Times dated May 14, 1961.  It named his wife Rebecca, his two sons Max and Irving, and his four grandchildren.

Abraham Rosenzweig death certificate May 14, 1961 NYTimes

Abraham Rosenzweig death certificate May 14, 1961 NYTimes

From this death notice and the date of death I was able to find where he was buried, Mt Lebanon Cemetery in Queens.  I called the cemetery and asked whether there was any record of his father’s name.  The woman there said that they did not keep that kind of record; however, they would take a photograph of the headstone for a fee and email it.  I gave her my credit card number and ordered the photograph.

While waiting for that photograph, I hoped that it would in fact have his full Hebrew name with his father’s name.  If it only had his English name, I’d be back to square one.  It would be hard to obtain a death certificate since he had only died in 1961, barely 50 years ago.  It would mean waiting a few months to get the answer.

But fortunately the headstone does have his full Hebrew name as you can see below:

Abraham Rosenzweig headstone Mt Lebanon Cemetery

Abraham Rosenzweig headstone Mt Lebanon Cemetery

Avraham ben Gedalia ha Levi.  Abraham son of Gedalia the Levite.  Remember that Gustave’s birth name was Ghitale.  Ghitale is the Romanian equivalent of Gedalia, Hebrew for God is great.   Abraham Rosenzweig, the son of Gustave Rosenzweig, married Rebecca from Pennsylvania, worked for a bakery, and had two sons and four grandchildren.  Now I will try to find them.

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6 thoughts on “Abraham Rosenzweig: Update

  1. Wow. After ur post i remembered uncle abe and aunt beck.  uncle abe used to hide behind a curtain and put his set of false teeth around and click the top and bottom together and scare me half to death. He was as fun loving as joe was. Irving might have opened a restaurant in manhatten on the 70’s or late 60’s. I have a memory of my grandparents taking me there when it just opened to give him support. I dont think it lasted.  I dont remember my moms cousins –  abe and rebecca’s children…..

    Sent from Orange ema


    • The memory is a funny thing, isn’t it? One little bit of stimulation, and all these great stories come back to us. That’s why it is important to keep a record—so that we can keep these wonderful people alive not only for ourselves but for future generations. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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