Blog Update

The family tree chart for David and Esther Rosenzweig’s descendants was growing to a point where it became illegible unless you had a microscope.  I have now broken the tree into its various branches based on David and Esther’s children and sometimes their grandchildren to make these charts more readable.  I have also placed the charts on a separate page that is password protected to protect the identity of any living descendants.

If you are a member of the family and would like the password, just email me, and I will provide it to you.

I hope this makes the trees more readable and also more secure.


5 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. Amy please send me the password.
    Loved reading your posts about this past weekend in NYC. Wish I could have joined you all


  2. Amy, I don’t have any passwords please send them to me. I have really tried to understand the tree but get lost! Hope you are well! JULIE


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