Romanian birth records

UPDATE:  I’ve updated this post to reflect three more birth records for the Srulovici/Strolowitz/Adler children.  I’ve received these three over the past week or so and thought it best to combine these new ones with the ones I already had.  I’ve rewritten the post to put the records in correct birth order.

Brotmanblog: A Family Journey

I have received a number of different records from Marius Chelcu, the man who has been doing research for me in Iasi, Romania.  Among those records are the birth records for five of the children of Jankel Srulovici and Tillie Rosenzweig, my great-great aunt.  I now have birth records for Isidore, or Srul, their oldest child, for Bertha, or Bruha, their second child, for David, their third child, and one for Rebecca/Ray, their fourth child.  I also have one for a son who died in infancy, Zissu.  Unfortunately, Marius was unable to find a birth record for either Pincus or Leah.

First, the birth record for Isidore, or Srul, indicates that his birth date was June 9, 1883, and that his parents were Iancu Itzic Strulovici, age 38, and Bruha Thela Strulovici, age 36.  This birth year is consistent with Isidore’s age on the 1910 US census, so it would…

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