Rachel “Ray” Rosenzweig: Can anyone remember anything else?

I have had amazing luck in finding out something about the lives of all but one of Gustave and Gussie’s children.  I have even been able to connect with descendants of many of them.  There are still holes and unfinished stories for Lillie and Lizzie and Sarah, but I’ve at least been able to trace them through some part of their adult lives.  The only child I have had no luck finding after she left the family home is Rachel or Ray, the youngest child.

I know Ray was born in 1904 and that through 1930 she was living with her mother in Brooklyn, but I have found nothing that reveals what happened to her after her mother died.  I have not been able to find her on the 1940 census, on the NYC marriage index, or on the Social Security Death Index.  I don’t know whether she had any descendants.  I need some assistance.

A number of Gussie and Gustave’s descendants remember Ray, and I have been able to obtain these two photographs of Ray from the 1940s.  I know she must have lived at least into the late 1960s since so many of her great-nieces and great-nephews have memories of her.  One remembers that she moved to Florida at some point and thinks she married, but cannot remember her husband’s name.  Another remembers that she lived in New Jersey and married someone with an Italian surname.

Now I am asking to look carefully at these two photos and see if they spark any specific memories—an occupation, a husband, a child, a residence, a date of death—anything that might help me find out more about the youngest child of Gustave and Gussie.



Ray 1

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4 thoughts on “Rachel “Ray” Rosenzweig: Can anyone remember anything else?

  1. The top photo of ray is how i remember her. More than what i previously told u – married to an italian lived in new jersey? Great sense of humor.  Maybe gerry – who is at  least 4 years older than me has more memories.

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    • Thanks, Ariela. Every little bit helps. Maybe that information will spark someone else to remember the husband’s name. It’s hard to find a Ray in New Jersey without a last name! 🙂


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