Slowly Returning to the Blogosphere

I have been away for the last twelve days on a wonderful trip to England. It was not a genealogy trip, though I did meet some cousins and did spend one afternoon in the London neighborhood where my Cohen ancestors lived between 1800 and 1851 or so. But otherwise it was a trip just to see a part of the world we hadn’t seen before. And before I return to the Goldsmiths and the rest of their saga, I will spend some time sharing our travel experiences in England.

I also need to spend some time catching up—with other blogs and with comments on my blog. This was a true escape from the internet for twelve days—except to answer a few important emails and to research the places we were seeing and visiting. So please be patient—I will catch up with everyone eventually.

For now, just a few photos of the three regions we visited in England—Cornwall, the Cotswolds, and London—each exciting and beautiful and interesting in very different ways.

Cornwall—Port Isaac

The Cotswolds—Burford

London—St James Park

32 thoughts on “Slowly Returning to the Blogosphere

  1. Welcome back, Amy! I can see you had a nice break from blogging. Your photos indicate that your trip to England was quite an adventure. I love the sea and therefore I especially like your photo of Port Isaac. Looking forward to see more pictures. Have a great week! Peter

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    • Thanks, Peter! I will be sharing more about each of the places we visited. And I also hope to catch up on the Baroness and Albert Schweitzer!! 🙂


  2. Your pictures are just lovely and I am excited to read about your trip. Welcome home! June 11th a 1c1xr is heading from CA. to London to meet with the newly discovered Hyamovitch family branch I recently connected with. Looks like it’s the perfect time of year for a trip to England 🙂

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  3. Hi Amy, glad you had such a good time, it was a pleasure to meet you both and do the walking tour
    together of the old east-end where our various ancestor’s once lived. Did you see any Pelican birds in St. James Park London? They are an eye-catcher when awake and strutting around the lawns.

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  4. I’d love to talk to you. Hattie Mansbach Hirschman was my great-grandmother. “Nana.” My dad did a good deal of research about H.H.’s Civil War history. I have the actual history he hand wrote years later of his experiences. My email is Wm. F. “Bill” Hirschman


  5. I am so happy for you! These photos can be framed and given as gifts, they are that beautiful. Good for you and the hubby to really get away from it all. To live is to be immersed in the present in all its richness. It is meant to be lived away from a laptop or phone screen. I look forward to your next posting on the trip.

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  6. Amy: What beautiful photos! You are the only person I know who has gone to Cornwall. This is the first time I’m seeing the wild beauty of the countryside which set the story for the novels in the Poldark series. My Mom tried to interest me but I only read Vol. 2, “Demelza”, about 1/4 way through. What did strike me in the story and from what I heard of the BBC series was the rugged coastline was filled with little hiding places and coves–a perfect haven for smugglers and pirates. I am glad you got a chance to see in real-time the location and filming of one of your favorite shows. This was a memorable vacay for you and the hubby. Happy for you both!! = )

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      • I think the actor Robin Ellis was quite handsome as Poldark. I just can’t get into period romances, though. Movies are different, I like the action and costumes. Seeing your photos brings to life the many little secret places perfect for trysts or intrigue such romantic period novels are set against.


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