Family History in Truth or Fiction

Thanks so much to Linda Austin of Moonbridgebooks for interviewing me about my novel, Santa Fe Love Song.


Back in May 2017 I posted “Writing the Immigrant Story in Truth or Fiction” about Amy Cohen and her family history novel Pacific Street based on her immigrant ancestors’ stories. She explained why she decided to write her family history as fiction. There are a number of other reasons for writers to do this—to avoid hurting family or to protect the guilty and not have to worry about a lawsuit or being disowned, because there’s a bigger story to tell outside the confines of one true story, or just because they want to.

Amy recently published another family historical fiction book based on another set of ancestors. Santa Fe Love Song is about a young Jewish immigrant to the US who became a pioneer on the Santa Fe Trail and settled in Santa Fe. But he wanted to marry a Jewish woman, so he had to go back…

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8 thoughts on “Family History in Truth or Fiction

  1. Hi Amy, I’m enjoying the book. I’m about half way through which covers Bernard’s physical journey from Philadelphia to Santa Fe and the harshness of the trek. What a likeable sensible honest & vulnerable figure Bernard is, being in touch with his own feelings about what he needs to make his life fulfilling. His older brother Sigmund has the confidence to understand the realities of life in Santa Fe and takes his chances as they present. He epitomise’s the wild-west as portrayed in the mid19th century. I like Mr. Clever…he’s multi-layered! I hope he gets to feature in Part two of the book. I note the book cover is similar to Toni Morrison’s first edition of Song of Solomon. Is that just coincidence? It projects a journey feeling.

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    • Thanks, Shirley! I so appreciate your thoughts. And I am glad you are enjoying the story and Bernard. As for the cover, I wasn’t even thinking of Song of Solomon. I selected it from a template that Amazon offered and altered the colors to evoke the flag of New Mexico!


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