Sisters and Cousins

This is a brief addendum to my last post (which I have also updated). I wanted to share two new images I received from Martin Abrahams after he read the post about his aunt Mali Katz Baumann and her family.

First, Martin sent me his mother Senta’s passport from Germany. The photograph of Senta reveals the strong family resemblance between Senta and her sister Mali in the 1930s:

Mali Katz Baumann Courtesy of her grandchildren

Senta Katz Abraham Courtesy of Martin Abrahams

The second photograph was taken before the families left Germany in the 1930s.  In the front row are Eva Baumann, Fred Abrahams, Martin Abrahams, and Margot Baumann, first cousins. After leaving Germany, the Baumanns lived in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and the Abrahams in New York City.

Front row: Eva Baumann, Fred Abrahams, Martin Abrahams, Margot Baumann. Courtesy of Martin Abrahams

Such happy, innocent children whose lives were about to be changed forever.

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