Interview on Pioneer Valley Radio

I was recently interviewed by Bernadette Duncan on Pioneer Valley Radio about my novel Pacific Street and about genealogy research in general. I hope you find it interesting.

You can find it here.

pacific street

You can buy my book here.

24 thoughts on “Interview on Pioneer Valley Radio

      • I was lucky to have started out before Ancestry had hints in trees. 😉 The wonderful helpers on the mailing lists on Rootsweb were my mentors starting around 2000 when I turned to the internet. I still am in touch with many of them although some have passed on.

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      • Wow, no shaking leaves? Hard to imagine Ancestry without them. And yes, mentors are so important. I was in touch with mine for quite a while, but she got so busy that now we are just Facebook friends.

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  1. Hello Amy, I just listened to the interview. My views on family history are based on the same premise that our children are not interested in just reading the bare facts (mostly uninteresting vital statistics) about our ancestors. So you have chosen the right path in writing a novel that depicts the lives and struggles of immigrants in a way appealing to young readers. This is the same idea that I am trying to realize in my Klopp family blog. Thank you for publishing this most interesting interview!

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    • And you are definitely doing just that with the blog, Peter. I can imagine what both you and Biene were like as a young couple from your letters and your descriptions of the circumstances.

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  2. Hi Amy. I’m catching up on postings to my Reader. I listened to the interview and agree with what you were saying: we don’t always picture our grandparents as being young nor do we have any idea of the difficulties they went through if the family did not share the stories. I think the way you present your history through the blog is natural and engaging. I hope you are saving every posting for off-line publication. You will have an entire bookshelf for your grandchildren very soon.

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    • Thanks, Emily. I actually publish my blog in hard copy through Lulu about four times a year so that I have a “permanent” copy. I am up to Volume 14 and almost ready for Volume 15. It’s easy and free (except for buying the copies of the book), and although they aren’t shiny and professional, they serve my purpose well.


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