A Schoenthal Update: More Photos from My Cousin Sally

Back on July 30, 2019, I posted some wonderful photographs that I’d received from my cousin Sally of her grandmother Etta Wolfe Wise and her family. Etta was my grandmother Eva Schoenthal Cohen’s first cousin. Sally recently located three additional photographs of Etta, her husband Max Wise, and their six children. She has graciously shared those photographs with me.

First is a photograph of Etta and Max and all of their children taken in 1934. Etta stands in the foreground with her youngest child, Warren (14) to her left and her second youngest child, Bob (15), to her right.  From left to right in the rear are Max, Jr. (17), Max, Sr., Richard (19), Florence (23), and Irving (22).

Courtesy of Sally Wise Myers

The second photograph must have been taken some years later. In the foreground are Florence Wise and her mother Etta Wolfe Wise (in polka dots). The other women are not known.

Courtesy of Sally Wise Myers

Finally, the third photograph includes the four sons of Max and Etta Wise as well as several unidentified men and a child. Irving Wise is to the far left; Richard Wise is at the far right. Max, Jr, stands in the center with his thumb hooked into his belt. In the center of the back row behind Max Jr.’s left shoulder is his brother Bob. The others Sally could not identify.1

I wonder whether this photo and the one above of all women were taken at the same event. Perhaps it was the wedding of one of the Wise children or a cousin?

Courtesy of Sally Wise Myers

Thank you once again to my cousin Sally for sharing these family photographs.

  1. Sally at first thought that the man next to Max, Jr. was his father Max, Sr., but since Max, Sr. died in 1934 and since this photograph was clearly taken a number of years after the one dated 1934 above based on the ages of the sons, that could not be Max, Sr. In addition, comparing this man to the other photo of Max, he appears much smaller with a different shaped head. 

15 thoughts on “A Schoenthal Update: More Photos from My Cousin Sally

    • In my view, one can never have too many old photographs! Fortunately I have them all backed up a few times over, but I do worry about what happens to all this some day…. What if no one in the family wants to maintain everything I’ve done? Will it all have been for naught? (I am thinking of this especially having gone through my parents’ house before it’s sold and realizing how little of what they did and created in their lives will be preserved….very sad.)

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      • I feel the same way. I want to digitize everything and get a copy to all the kids of cousins, etc. That way, who knows who will end up keeping it? But the hard copies? that is more difficult. Takes up space, must be kept somewhere safe, must be passed on, it takes a little effort.

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      • I had a brownie, too! And this is a bit of a coincidence, but the person who gave me my brownie was Clarence’s (Alice’s husband–my blog today, you know) 2nd wife!

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