4 thoughts on “Volksmarsen and Breuna: A Remarkable Day

  1. Coincidence led to my going to Volkmarsen shortly afterwards – not for the first time. Ernst, his wife and the group have made amazing efforts and produced unbelievable results. The discovery of the mikwe is the last highlight! Breuna cemetery is a surprise to me – will try to visit it the next time.

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  2. Hi Amy,
    On My Heritage I came across this information said to be from the David Brotman website:

    Jennie Tassen Cann
    MyHeritage Family Trees
    Brotman Family Website, managed by David Brotman
    Birth: Dec 1888 – Russia
    Parents: Hyman Tissenbaum, Ida Tissenbaum (born Scheiner)
    Siblings: Rosie Tassen Cann, Rose Tessenbaum, Jane Tissenbaum, Jennie Tessenbaum, Rosalie Tyson, Jane Tyson, Henry Tissenbaum, Sidney Jacob Tyson, Tessenbaum

    I could not find an email for David, so I am sending this to you. I am 75 years old, retired, into genealogy in a big way, with lots of memoirs that I have written over the past several years and some published articles. The above TISSENBAUM family is my maternal family, but I never heard the surname CANN before. Where does it come from? I have had a hard time tracing the descendants of this branch. (I am a great great grandson of Aaron Shmul TISSENBAUM, who arrived in Baltimore in 1900, with his second wife Sura Yenta HOCHMAN, his five children by her and their first grandchild. Hyman–Chaim–TISSENBAUM was a younger brother of Aaron Shmul’s.) The whole family is from Orinin, a small shtetl near Kamenetz Podolsk in SW Ukraine. Jennie TISSENBAUM (listed above as Jennie Tasen Cann) married Henry Silver. They had a daughter Leah, later called Lee. I believe she married someone named SLAUGHTER, but have not gotten beyond that. Her sister Rosie and her brother Henry had no children. He was married to Lillian BERLOW. I have also had difficulty tracing brother Sidney’s children.

    That’s the first part of my interest. Here’s a second. When my wife and I were engaged, back in 1964, I got her an engagement ring from a jeweler friend of my parents here in Baltimore named BROTMAN, possibly Julius, but my memory may deceive me. Are those BROTMANs part of your family? These Baltimore BROTMANs may be part of the large family of Hugh DUBB, a patent attorney out in California, originally from Baltimore, with whom I shared research over 20 years ago.

    A third possible connection. A Victor BROTMAN, from Chicago, I was told, married Frances DION in Philadelphia. They had a daughter Marsha, who tragically died, some time prior to 2004. Marsha was married to Eric BALOFF. I believe she and Eric had two children but I don’t have the names. Marsha’s mother Frances DION was the daughter of Eva SEIDLER and her husband DION (whose first name I don’t know). Eva was born 28 August 1898 in Orinin, Ukraine, the shtetl of my maternal family. Eva’s parents were Harry SEIDLER and Sarah GILMAN, where Sarah was a sister of my maternal great grandmother Chaya Royza GILMAN.

    Fourth possible connection–Tarnow. My paternal family is from Galicia. My father’ s mother, Cilli SZYDLOW was from Tarnow. (I realize from your blog that there is some confusion between Tarnow and Tarnobrzeg.) Still…

    Fifth. Just a note, not a connection. Somewhere you mention HABER. Are you connected to the family of Nobel prize winner (in chemistry) Fritz HABER?

    Anyway, hope you get back to me, even if it turns out that CANN was just a typo or some other mistake. Please contact me at my email address below as I have just set up a blog and am not really familiar with it yet. Jeff Knisbacher, snowbird, currently in Baltimore, but official and winter home in the Sarasota, FL area. j2456@verizon.net.

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