My Vogel Cousins: From Germany to Argentina

Before I return to the family of Meyer Goldschmidt, I have two more posts to share relating to other family members.

Today I want to share some wonderful photographs I received from my fourth cousin, once removed, Patricia, the daughter of Heinz Vogel, granddaughter of Sophie Katz and Isaak Vogel, great-granddaughter of Rosa Katzenstein and Salomon Feist Katz.

On September 10, 2019, I wrote about this family and told the story of the escape of Sophie and Isaak and their sons Heinz and Carl to Argentina from Nazi Germany in the 1930s. It was due to the generosity of Patricia and also Carl Vogel’s daughter that I was able to share details of the Vogel’s story and how they rebuilt their lives in Buenos Aires as well as many wonderful photographs.

In November, Patricia shared several more wonderful family photographs.

This is a photograph of Rosa Katzenstein in 1887 when she was 28 and married to Salomon Feist Katz for six years. (I’ve edited these photographs a little to improve clarity.) Rosa was my great-grandmother Hilda Katzenstein’s second cousin, once removed. I see a resemblance to Hilda. What do you think?

Rosa Katzenstein Katz, 1887

Hilda Katzenstein Schoenthal

Taken that same year is this photograph of Salomon, who was 35 at that time. Salomon was also my cousin (and Rosa’s cousin). He was my third cousin, three times removed, through our shared ancestors, Schalum and Brendelchen Katz, my fifth great-grandparents. He was Hilda’s third cousin.

Salomon Feist Katz, 1887

Patricia also sent me images of what was on the reverse of these photographs. Can anyone read the words above their names?

UPDATE: Thank you to Cathy Meder-Dempsey for transcribing the top words as Grossmutter (grandmother) and Grossvater (grandfather).

This photograph of Rosa and Salomon’s daughter Sophie Katz and her husband Isaak Vogel was taken in July, 1948, after they had immigrated to Argentina; the inscription on the reverse appears below it. Can someone decipher what it says? The second line says “63(?) Geburtstag 10 Jul 1948.”  Sophie was born on July 10, 1885, so this would have been her 63rd birthday. She and Isaak don’t look very happy, however.

UPDATE: Thank you again to Cathy Meder-Dempsey for transcribing the first word in the top line as aufgenommen, meaning “taken.” She wasn’t certain whether the next word was “bei,’ indicating where the photo was taken, or “von,” indicating who took the photo. And the third word was not legible.

SECOND UPDATE: Thank you to Eric, who commented below and was able to read that last word. It says Aufgenommen bei meinem 63rd geburtstag or Taken at my 63rd birthday. Thanks, Eric!

Sophie Katz and Isaak Vogel, 1948

Finally, Patricia shared a photograph taken at Sophie and Isaak’s 50th anniversary celebration on June 9, 1959. That adorable little girl in the center of the photograph is Patricia herself.

In the front row from left to right are Sophie Katz Vogel, Isaak Vogel, and Rosa Hamburger, Carl Vogel’s mother-in-law. Standing behind them from left to right is Carl Vogel, Gertrud Lippman Vogel (Heinz Vogel’s wife), Heinz Vogel, and Beate Hamburger Vogel (Carl’s wife).

When I look at this photograph and see the love and the smiles that permeate it and compare it to the stern expressions on the faces of Sophie and Isaak in 1948, it makes me think of how hard their adjustment to Argentina must have been, but also how fortunate they must have felt to have left Germany behind and to have made a whole new life for themselves in their new homeland.

I am so grateful to Patricia for sharing these with me.






18 thoughts on “My Vogel Cousins: From Germany to Argentina

  1. Amy-Thanks for sending the pictures and sharing your continuing Saga and story of your family. I am continuing with my story of both sides and finding relatives along the way in Sweden, the US, Philadelphia, and Cincinati Ohio. Finding my German and Swedish relatives is continuing on while I was able to find all the Griesemer siblings, one of which was Mary Louisa Griesemer Wiley. There were 7 of them, and I just found the last one Rev. Harry Griesemer, who was a baptist minister. I just found out he married and had two sons. I did not find out where he was buried yet, but I assume its near where he lived and where he last preached in Baltimore, Maryland. One bother Levi lived in elkins Park and had a daughter Sarah who went down on the Luisitania with her husband and two young sons.Another sister, mathilda, or tilly Anne, married a well know Merchant in Philadelphia. One of her 4 daughters, Gertrude, married into the Wanamaker Family, John Wanamaker 3d. He was a doctor and died at 42 from tuberculosis. It seems this side of the family were in a different social circle and did not include or communicate with the other side. Ethel Dinlocker, my Gram never mentionned the other side of the family, nor did the brothers and sisters seem to be close. I have found where all but one are buried, and am writing down the story for my cousins and their children.

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  2. Thank you to Cathy!!! Yes, I think the two women look very similar–the bone structure of their faces, I guess. The family tree you are showing–where is that from? is that My Heritage or something else?

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    • I created the family tree on Family Tree Maker—the software that syncs with Ancestry and then provides various tools in addition to the options to make various reports and charts. All the names and dates come from my research, not MyHeritage or any other public trees.

      And I am glad you commented on the similarity—you’re the only one who did! Thanks!

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  3. I am so happy for you, Amy. These photos are very impressive and give insights into one branch of your family who escaped the horrors of persecution and managed to start a new life in Argentina. Belated Happy Valentine,s Day!

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  4. Finally a chance to sit and read a few posts. All the pictures are so wonderful, they are really clear and great job enhancing them 🙂 I think the two woman look very similar through the nose, shape of face and mouth. Really love the 50th wedding photo – everyone looks so happy 🙂

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  5. Hello Amy , only just came across your site googling for data on the Siegfried Baumann /Amalie Katz family. Siegfried Baumann happens to be a distant cousin of mine and I always had great difficulties following up the Brazilian connection. I am still looking for information on his brother Max and his two sons Hans and Julius.Perhaps you can help too ?
    By the way Siegfried`s greatgrandmother was an Edel Adelheide Katzenstein b abt 1780 who died in 1863 in Gersfeld, where the Baumann family originated from ( at least in the 18th Century).I am afraid I don`t know where she was born.
    To confirm the German Vogel photo inscription: it says aufgenommen bei meinem 63.Geburtstag.

    It would be nice if you could get in touch .

    Regards from Frankfurt Eric

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